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Alternative forms of worship

This group of people meet in the same church buildings and share the same faith as the 'traditional' congregation, and there may be some people whose broad tastes take part in both services. It's not a separate church as members of each congregation are members of the same church community and can be members of the governing groups such as the Church Council.

The difference is in the way worship is offered on a Sunday. The 'traditional' service may continue to be the familiar hymn & prayer sandwich, but the alternative service could be anything from the emerging '3 block' service (of worship time (singing & prayers), preaching, and then response in prayer, giving or other forms of expression) to the very relaxed and informal café style or a discussion group.

Please see the Preaching Plan the next date for Bitesize. It starts from 9:30 am in a very relaxed way with breakfast, time to discuss our theme for the day, stuff for children to do, all in the main hall. We will move on to share in worship at the beginning of the 10:30 service in church. If you want to go home or onto something else after this (by around 11am) that's cool, alternatively there will be Sunday Explorers as usual. Hope to see you there!

This approach to being 'church' is a flexible and aims to be user-friendly. Any ideas or preferences you may have are welcome for discussion. The event doesn't have to be the same every time so please contact the webmaster or our Deacon if you have any suggestions to make.

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